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So you might be asking what is a creampie and how to make it. Well, here you will know.

How to make a Creampie?

The creampie generally goes hand in hand with the cumshot, which is ejaculating intensely inside the vagina or anus.

Scenes that include creampie are usually closed to allow the viewer to enjoy up close the dripping of semen from the anus or vagina that was penetrated, and are usually followed by scenes in which the semen is licked or cupped with the hands.

The success of this practice lies in the fact that the ejaculation is as intense as possible so that the amount of semen is abundant and therefore the creampie will be very exciting to watch. Although it is not a technique that can be carried out successfully overnight, it is possible to try and practice until it looks like something out of a movie.

A good recommendation is to epilate the vagina and anus completely, in this way it will allow the image to be clear and the semen to drip easily without getting caught in unwanted hair.

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